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Class Action Law Bulletin: Green Light for Class Actions by Consumers

Posted in Class Actions, Commercial

In a highly-anticipated and extremely significant pair of decisions for businesses and consumers alike, the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) ruled on Thursday (October 31, 2013) that the ultimate consumers at the end of a supply chain can effectively leap-frog the supply chain by having direct legal recourse in a class action against a manufacturer… Continue Reading

B.C. Supreme Court Rejects Certification of Proposed REDMA Class Action

Posted in Class Actions, Construction, Real Estate

In June 2012, my colleague, Craig Ferris wrote about the B.C. Court of Appeal decision in 229 Burrard Residential Limited Partnership v. Essolat where the Court endorsed a strict application of the terms of the B.C. Real Estate Development Marketing Act (“REDMA”).  There, the Court set aside a pre-construction sales contract and ordered the return… Continue Reading

Is the Future Class Proceedings? – TELUS’ Mandatory ADR Agreement is Unenforceable

Posted in Civil Procedure, Class Actions

Class proceedings are a powerful tool for consumers and lawyers.  In practical terms, class proceedings allow otherwise uneconomic claims to be brought and often create large monetary exposure to Defendants.  This occurs through aggregation.  If a class proceeding is “certified”, it will “aggregate” all of the claims of a “class” of claimants into one claim. … Continue Reading