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Assisted Suicide: The Beginning of the End

Posted in Administrative/Regulatory, Constitutional, Public Law

In the recent case of Carter v. Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada declared invalid the Criminal Code prohibitions against physician-assisted suicide.  Those provisions made it a crime for a person to “consent to have death inflicted on him” (s. 14) and to “aid or abet a person to commit suicide” (s.241(b)).  The SCC found… Continue Reading

Does absolute privilege protect statements made before a regulatory tribunal?

Posted in Administrative/Regulatory, Defamation

Are submissions, evidence and statements made in a regulatory proceeding subject to the same protection of absolute privilege that applies in a court? Not always; it depends on the proceeding. In Wilson v Williams, 2013 BCCA 471, the court held that absolute privilege did not apply to statements made in letters submitted by persons who… Continue Reading